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When those sunny spring days start creeping in and you realise its going to be another relentless summer – we can install any cooling system to get your home or business comfortable before the harsh Melbourne summer hits.

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling uses a simple method of cooling which makes it the most cost effective method to cooling down any home or business. It is most effective on those hot, dry days and requires owners to leave doors and windows open to allow the hot air to flush out.

An evaporative cooler is located on the roof and works by passing natural fresh air though wet filter pads. The water in the filter pads cools down the air and a fan pushes this cooler air through the ducts into your home or business.

Heating Systems Melbourne
Heating Systems Melbourne

Reverse Cycle Ducted

Arguably the best heating and air-conditioning combo, reverse cycle ducted heating and air-conditioning is the one stop shop. Using inverter technology, this system allows you to heat or cool your entire home or business efficiently. You can also install zones to concentrate the airflow to specific areas.

This engineering behind this system is no different to that of the reverse cycle split system. There are the two units, the evaporator and the condenser. The only notable difference being that the airflow comes through ducts fitted in individual rooms.

Reverse Cycle Split System

Split systems offer the most compact way to provide both heating and refrigerated air-conditioning in one. They are ideal for those wanting to heat and cool a smaller area, rather than an entire home or business. The unit is split into two, with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit – one playing the role of an evaporator and the other playing the role of the condenser.

How it operates: The indoor unit will draw in the room air through the fan coil and once it absorbs the heat, will recycle the cool air back into the room. The absorbed heat is then disbursed through the condensing unit. Heating works in a similar way, except the units play a reverse role.

You can also have multiple indoor units running from the one outdoor unit in a multi-head split system. See below.

Heating Systems Melbourne
Heating Systems Melbourne

Multi-head Split System

Operating in the same way as a single split system, a multi-head split system means you can have multiple indoor units (heads) connected to just the one outdoor unit – reducing your install costs. It provides both heating and air-conditioning, allows you to set each room at its own temperature, and you can choose concealed indoor units. This is the perfect solution for those double story locations where consistent airflow is difficult to manage, and where roof spaces cannot accommodate ducting.

Add on Air-conditioning

The option to add refrigerated air-conditioning onto an existing gas ducted heater is possible with add-on cooling. Add-on cooling works in a similar way to that of gas ducted heating, except that a large fan pushes air over a refrigerated coil which cools the air before it is pushed through the ducts and vents already in use for the gas ducted heating.

For add-on cooling to work well, it usually requires slightly larger ducts than those commonly used for gas ducted heating. That’s why we recommend letting one of our professional staff know if you are considering add-on cooling at the time of your gas ducted heater installation – so they can size the system to accommodate for your future plans.

Heating Systems Melbourne

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better refrigerated air-conditioning or evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling is the most common form of cooling in Australia, because it is more affordable and works well on most days throughout summer. Refrigerated cooling, on the other hand, can cut through the heat especially on those humid days without leaving your furniture damp and your body sticky. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and it really depends on your budget. Contact us to arrange one of our representatives to meet with you and discuss which option is best for you.

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