Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

For years we have specialised in the installation and repair of reliable commercial refrigeration units for customers all around the Melbourne area. We service all types of commercial refrigerated equipment for a variety of businesses including restaurants, hospitals, ice-creameries, butchers, and supermarkets.

Refrigeration Specialists

Keeping an industrial refrigeration unit in top condition is not only important to your business, it extends the lifespan of your unit, saving you money. Our team of reliable refrigeration experts provides a complete range of services to keep your unit in peak condition and make sure every job is done right by:

  • Performing fast diagnostics and quick repairs
  • Using replacement components specifically tailored to your make and model
  • Offering full services to Melbourne and the surrounding area
  • Employing only trusted, highly trained refrigeration professionals
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Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

Drink and Ice machines

For those businesses that value a nice cold beverage, we can source, install and repair all types of drink and ice machines. Don’t keep your customers waiting when they sing ‘1 mojito, 2 mojito, 3, mojito, 4!’

Display fridges

We’ve all seen a display fridge that has so much condensation built up, that it isn’t doing a good job of displaying anything at all. With our experienced team who have all the know how in the refrigeration industry, we can make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


Ice cream & frozen yoghurt

We love a good ol’ ice cream, or frozen yoghurt on a hot summer evening. That why it is just as important to us that your ice cream and frozen yoghurt machines are quickly installed or repaired and ready to go – so we can have a taste too!

Fridges and Freezers

A well built and maintained fridge or freezer is the backbone to any quality establishment in the hospitality industry. We take great care to install and repair all types of fridges and freezers – so our customers can keep their customers happy and healthy.


Spare Parts

At Glacier we can source and install new parts for your refrigeration equipment so that your trusty old machine can get a new spring in its step.  Because we all know that the older things get, the more they are in need of a little TLC.

Brands we work with

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