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Comfort is key to the success of any business and vital to relaxation in the home. Not only do we provide top-notch repair and maintenance service to heating systems throughout Melbourne, we also specialise in the installation of all types of heating systems for new and existing homes and businesses. Keeping you warm on those cold nights.

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Heating Systems Melbourne

Commercial and Residential Heating Installation

It is essential for every home and business to have an up to date, well-maintained heating system. Old, out of service systems just do not provide the level of comfort and ease customers and employees need. Our team of experts has years of experience in the installation of every type of heating system. See below for more information on the types of heating systems we work with.

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating systems allow home owners and businesses to save money while still keeping the entire area at a comfortable temperature year-round. They are more environmentally friendly than traditional wood heaters and use significantly less electricity than plug-in electrical heaters.

Gas ducted heating operates by a fan pushing air over a flame heated hot coil, which warms the air and is further pushed through the ducts to vents located in either your floor or ceiling. Having a correctly sized and well designed gas ducted heating system installed will ensure that there is an even distribution of heat flowing through your home or business.

Choosing a gas ducted heating system also allows the option of add on cooling.

Heating Systems Melbourne
Heating Systems Melbourne

Reverse Cycle Ducted

Arguably the best heating and air-conditioning combo, reverse cycle ducted heating and air-conditioning is the one stop shop. Using inverter technology, this system allows you to heat or cool your entire home or business efficiently. You can also install zones to concentrate the airflow to specific areas.

This engineering behind this system is no different to that of the reverse cycle split system. There are the two units, the evaporator and the condenser. The only notable difference being that the airflow comes through ducts fitted in individual rooms.

Reverse Cycle Split System

Split systems offer the most compact way to provide both heating and refrigerated air-conditioning in one. They are ideal for those wanting to heat and cool a smaller area, rather than an entire home or business. The unit is split into two, with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit – one playing the role of an evaporator and the other playing the role of the condenser.

How it operates: The indoor unit will draw in the room air through the fan coil and once it absorbs the heat, will recycle the cool air back into the room. The absorbed heat is then disbursed through the condensing unit. Heating works in a similar way, except the units play a reverse role.

You can also have multiple indoor units running from the one outdoor unit in a multi-head split system. See below.

Heating Systems Melbourne
Heating Systems Melbourne

Multi-head Split System

Operating in the same way as a single split system, a multi-head split system means you can have multiple indoor units (heads) connected to just the one outdoor unit – reducing your install costs. It provides both heating and air-conditioning, allows you to set each room at its own temperature, and you can choose concealed indoor units. This is the perfect solution for those double story locations where consistent airflow is difficult to manage, and where roof spaces cannot accommodate ducting.

Hydronic Heating

The type of heating system that warms you from the inside out, hydronic heating is best for those extra chilly winters and for those who have asthma and allergies. Hydronic heating does not heat with airflow – rather it allows heat to radiate from the pipes and panels.

Using a gas boiler to constantly recirculate and reheat water, the hydronic system sends extremely hot water through pipes towards panels to gently increase the temperature in your home or business.

Heating Systems Melbourne

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Should I be concerned about whether my gas heater is leaking carbon monoxide?

Yes. Carbon monoxide (CO) can have devastating health impacts as it is impossible for humans to detect with our natural senses. In the short term, you may experience flu-like symptoms. If you have long-term exposure it could eventually lead to unconsciousness, suffocation or death.

Any gas heating system is at risk of a carbon monoxide leak, which is why we encourage our customers to book in an annual service which includes a carbon monoxide rest. Contact Glacier Refrigeration Heating and Air-conditioning to book a service with a carbon monoxide test.

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